Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) License

Is your company meeting the following criteria?
  1. Is a manufacturer in Malaysia; and
  2. Exporting more than 80% of the total value of finished goods for 12 months.
Congratulations! You are eligible to apply for an License Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) license, offering a valuable exemption from Customs duty on your raw materials, components, machinery, and equipment.

The LMW license servces the purpose of providing Customs duty exemption for all raw materials, components, machinery, and equipment directly involved in the manufacturing process-from the initial stage to the final packaging of the finished products ready for export.

It is essential to note that LMW lincese require periodic renewal, subject to compliance with LMW guidelines and requirements outlined in the Customs Act 1967.

At JSC Advisory Group, we not only assist you in the LMW license application process but also ensure ongoing compliance with LMW guidelines, providing peace of mid for your company during LMW audits and renewal of the license.

Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) License

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