About Us


JSC CORPORATE ADVISORY PLT, a part of JSC ADVISORY GROUP founded in 2019, is a dynamic accounting and business advisory firm operating with a hybrid model, seamlessly combining virtual and physical services to cater to clients throughout Malaysia.

Founded by Mr. Judd Ten Jia Sheng, a seasoned professional with over 9 years of experience in both the accounting field and academia, JSC ADVISORY GROUP brings a unique perspective to the industry. Mr. Ten's background includes serving as the group accountant for a multinational government-linked company, where he held a strategic role liaising at the management level with Ekuiti Nasional Berhad (Ekuinas), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yayasan Ekuiti Nasional (YEN).

At JSC ADVISORY GROUP, we believe that Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can unlock substantial growth potential by adopting strategic practices from larger corporations, without incurring exorbitant costs. Building on our experience in multinational settings, we are committed to assisting SMEs in navigating the complexities of modern business.

At JSC ADVISORY GROUP, we are driven by the belief that aligning business goals with a strategic and visualizable direction, communicated effectively across top management and departments, is the key to achieving both short and long-term success. We are committed to partnering with SMEs, leveraging our expertise to help them grow and reach their goals effectively.

Our Vision
Inspiring Excellence, Elevating Businesses
At JSC ADVISORY GROUP, we inspire excellence among accountants, highlighting their pivotal role in elevating businesses. Beyond traditional bookkeeping, our accountants lead strategic advisory services, including budget planning, key performance index setting, and cash flow forecasting. We are a driving force in reshaping perceptions, envisioning a future where businesses flourish under the guidance of skilled and visionary accountants.
Our Mission
Cultivating Growth by Fostering Entrepreneurial Vision
At JSC ADVISORY GROUP, we're dedicated to cultivating business growth by fostering entrepreneurial vision. Beyond traditional accounting services, we collaborate with entrepreneurs to define clear goals, translating them into actionable targets through communication with department heads. Our mission includes actively monitoring results to keep companies on track, ensuring a thriving entrepreneurial spirit and sustainable success through personalized guidance and unwavering support.
Managing Partner
Judd Ten Jia Sheng brings over 9 years of extensive expertise to the professional arena, seamlessly transitioning from academic roles to hands-on practical experience.

His proficiency spans a wide spectrum of industries, encompassing adept handling of accounting and company secretary matters across diverse sectors, including construction, retail, wholesale, cosmetics, F&B, manufacturing, real estate, and legal firms. Notably, Judd possesses seasoned experience in due diligence and transfer pricing projects, where he conducted meticulous analyses, delving into industry trends and deciphering intricate company costing structures.

During his tenure as a Group Accountant at a multinational government-linked company, he oversee 12 entities across ASEAN countries. Judd played a pivotal role in establishing a comprehensive consolidation financial statements framework and a streamlined reporting structure, effectively building a well-organized department from the ground up. His innovative approach included the implementation of consolidation financial statements into cloud software, automating the monthly consolidation management accounts reporting flow. Moreover, Judd provided invaluable guidance to accounting teams spanning multiple countries Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines ensuring strict compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the specific laws and regulations of each country.